All our furniture comes readily in flat pack packaging with an installation manual in it.

Furniture Assembly

For deliveries within West Malaysia, we assemble the furniture for you before delivering to your premises. This way, we can ensure efficient delivery and quality control before sending out the furniture.

For bulky items such as bed frames, wardrobes, and book racks, we will assemble on-site due to entrance restrictions. Please allocate some time for the installation on-site during the delivery session.

However, we DO NOT assemble furniture for LCL deliveries to East Malaysia including Labuan. Furniture in flat-pack packaging is better protected during transit and it saves more shipping costs for you as well.


Assembly Fees

We provide FREE ASSEMBLY services for all items that we can assemble before delivering to the customers from West Malaysia only. For bulky item installation, we charge RM80 per item installation. You may choose the option to assemble on your own or engage our professional installation service on the product page.


Drilling Fees

Drilling is required for item(s) that is wall-mounting. We do not charge for drilling services.


Installation of Tip-over Restraint

We do have a safety tip-over restraint for cabinets. For every free-standing piece of furniture, it comes with tip-over restraints that must be secured to the wall to ensure safety. However, you may request the delivery team to leave the tip-over restraint to you if you would like to install it on your own.