We all have that one piece of  furniture that’s special to us. Whatever that piece is, you want to keep it in beautiful condition. With regular care and attention, your  furniture can avoid the need for repairs and look its best for years of enjoyment. 

These are few cleaning and care tips that might be helpful for you!


Keeping Fabric and Leather Last

  • Fabric

Dust frequently to remove any excess dirt. Any fabric material should be protected with a layer of fabric protection to preserve the quality of the furniture. However, different types of fabric may require different methods of care so be aware of the type of fabric before cleaning. It’s best to clean it regularly since fibers in your upholstery tend to collect dirt.

Protecting your fabric with slip covers making the sofa child-friendly. It can be easily taken off when guest coming over and preventing any unwanted spills over – even you’re the most careful person in the world. Vacuuming it once a week prevents dirt from getting embedded and best is to keep switching your place to evenly wear out the fabric.

  • Leather

Ensuring the furniture is kept away from direct sunlight is vital to preserve the original shine and texture of the leather. Therefore, try and keep leather furniture away from windows.

It is important to never use oil, furniture polish, dusting spray or any normal stain removal on leather furniture before checking its instruction manuals as leather often reacts differently in comparison to fabric and wood.

For cleaning dust, a microfiber cloth will come in handy. Vacuuming in the seams is very important to remove any dirt that has fallen in between.


Caring for Upholstered Furniture 

To enjoy the maximum usage of your furniture, make sure to switch the seats and back cushions occasionally so both sides can withstand a longer use. Rearrange the upholstered furniture annually to even out the wear-and-tear.

Spray on fabric protection to keep the fabric clean and new. Make sure to read about the protection carefully before applying as it may damage the fabric.

It is also important to clean up any spillage as soon as possible. Always vacuum dirt before it starts to seep into the furniture. Vacuuming is recommended to be done regularly for general upkeep of furniture. Clean underneath seats to remove any unwanted crumbs or dirt left behind.

It is also useful to place arm-caps where the friction is high, like armrests and seats.


Taking Care of Wooden Furniture

It is good to keep wooden furniture out of direct sunlight and intense heat sources to prevent the shine from fading. Try to avoid leaving wooden furniture exposed to different humidity levels. If necessary, use any protective covers or cloths to prevent any exposure to direct sunlight.

To protect it from damage, always use a coaster for beverages to protect the finishing. This also applies to hot drinks or meals and any cork-like material can be used as a coaster for it. For dining room tables, place table cloths or mats for easier spill cleanups.

Dust often to keep dirt from gathering in the wood. When cleaning the furniture, never spray directly onto the wood as this can create a layer which would be difficult to clean. However, when either polishing or waxing, only one or the other can be applied as both are not suitable to be used together. Please refer to each product’s instructions before choosing to polish or wax.

The right approach and level of care can kept the furniture in top condition for a long period. You can look forward to many years of use, in which time your piece will gain character and antique beautifully.