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Type of Solid Wood

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Solid wood series is undoubtedly the most popular furniture series in Mumu Living. We were frequently being asked these questions from our customers regarding solid wood:

                   What kind of wood is this furniture made from?

                               Which kind of solid wood is better and worth buying?

                                            What type of solid wood will make the best furniture?

                                                                              Is the pattern on the solid wood choosable?


And many more… So in this post, we would like to share a little bit of what we know about solid wood.


Type of Solid Wood


Every wood has a different kind of textures and natural pattern on them depending on the type of wood and the drying process.

You can see that every line and the grain pattern is different from one another. Even if it’s the same type of wood, factor like different timber age will also affect the wood grain. That is why solid wood is so precious because every piece of timber is unique and special.


Below are types of solid wood with their description: 

Colour Shades of Solid Wood


The most common colour shade is the natural wood colour, whereby the lightest varnish is used to preserve the natural timber colour on the wood.

Darker shades for the different types of solid wood are also produced in the market to cater different preferences.


Some of the most popular shades are listed as below:

There are many items in Mumu Living that are made from solid wood.




Maintaining Solid Wood Furniture


One of the best perks of owning a solid wood furniture is that it requires very minimal maintenance.

Simple wiping and cleaning will ensure the longevity of the furniture. Avoid long term exposure under the sun in order to preserve the colour and shine on the wood.



We hope to answer most of the questions you might have regarding solid wood furniture in this post!