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How To Make Your Home Looks Better

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In this article, we are going to do a small makeover for a home with the following traits

Owner’s proposal: “Western is the style that my wife and I want, but she is also fond of items that provide a refreshing vibe, so we hope the new designs can fulfill this request of hers, creating a mix of the west.

Design plan

We aim to raise the atmosphere plus increase the comfort of the house, providing a naturally comfortable and warm living space.

Colour scheme

We are combining sky blue, indigo, beige, orange, brown and smoky white to create an echo of colours.

The Living Room

Living Room (before) 

The interior wall designs are mostly established with their blue walls and custom plaster designs on the walls.

Therefore we can only change the furniture and decorations in this space

Artist’s prediction

The couch is chosen to blend smoothly with the plaster colour on the wall

Plant-based decorations are also placed such as the paintings

The smaller plant on the table and a bigger standing plant on the edge of the living room.

This improves the liveliness and gives a more natural feel to the room.

Painting on the wall 

Bright yellow sunflower

Because the couple has chosen rice white floorings, the blue wall gives out cold impressions to the surrounding, so a decoration such as the above can be added to brighten the whole area, lighting up the atmosphere. Others include specifically chosen colours for cloth items in the room such as the one below:

Warm colour fabric


The Kitchen & Dining Room

Kitchen (before)

Dining area (before)

Because the dining area is connected to the kitchen, its not suited to add additional furniture for decorations, therefore to prevent movement restrictions, we can only redecorate the surrounding.

Artist Impression 

Centred around “warmth and vitality”, a hand knitted flax carpet has been placed in the centre of the area,it feels natural while also projecting an artist’s talent.

A light-washed blue table cloth has also been chosen by the couple, it differs from the blue on the curtain, showing some depth of colours.

Items added to dining table

Bedroom (before)

The curtains here are too short, it is not helping the bedroom give out energy and vitality. In short, it feels dead-ish in here.

The redesign plans include increasing the “waist-line” of the window, and switch to a longer, floor touching curtains. This gives the room a very lively and more energetic atmosphere.

Artist Impression

Colour inspirations: With a refreshing greenish-blue and a mix of coffee as the fundamental colours, it brings out the profoundness of the west while not losing freshness and elegance, leading to the space feeling more permeable.

People always think that consistency is key when it comes to styling your home, using only uniform colouring, but this is not true. For example, the colours on the wall and the furnitures are too concealing, we can instead choose light coloured items to have some contrast with the wall colours.


The Kids’ Bedroom

Artist Impression 

R&R and playroom is this design’s inspiration, knowing that the room size may be small, we decided to also utilise the window space, making it into a resting/toy storing area

Bed wise we went for a full set of pure cotton covers with a cute animal theme, light in colours blends well into the walls of the room, allowing the room to be seemingly “bright”.

This room will be where the kids go to sleep but also an exciting playground where kids will spend most of their time at, so we decided to add in toy items that can also be use as decorations such as soft toys, a wooden rocking horse and an adorable painting.


The Study Room

Study room (before)

The study room as the owner described as “boring and tiring” is indeed the case, so to lighten up the room, we decided to add in elements of plant in the decorations while also installing a standing lamp pose beside the sofa for situational use.

Artist Impression 

Because the room is mostly use by the wife, so we implemented a bit of the wife’s initial request into the design, creating a refreshing and peaceful environment in the room.

To realize the wife’s demand, colour coordination is key,

For example, the walnut colours chosen can initially seem depressing,

So, we need to add in different colours in order neutralize that feeling.

Finally, home styling does not need uniform and tidy, different styles and themes can always be used as long as it is used properly.